Chasing Tail Graphics Package
Graphics package for a History Channel show about a group of Vermont bow hunters controlling the deer population in upper-middle class suburban Connecticut.
This show finally aired. Seems to have been a very polarizing show even before it aired. I dug the rough cut episode that I watched and that spurred my logo design for the show and then eventually the majority of the graphics package.
Along with designing, modeling (including those antlers), and setting up the basic shield animation I also came up with the idea for sticking the tail on the back of the shield. Hooray for my first on air graphics package! And another for taking the logo from vector, a Photoshop mock-up, complete to 3D animation.
Done at Garbanzo
Client: History Channel/Leftfield Pictures
Producer/Creative Director: Wes Townsend
Art Direction: Matthew Rankin
3D Modeling: Matthew Rankin, Greg Burrus
Texturing: Matthew Rankin, Greg Burrus, Kevin Sanchez
Lighting: Kevin Sanchez, Greg Burrus, Matthew Rankin
Animation: Matthew Rankin, Greg Burrus, Kevin Sanchez
Compositing: Matthew Rankin
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