Garbanzo - Bank of America: Unconscious Bias
An informative invitation to the executives of Bank of America Merrill Lynch to a session on unconscious bias in hiring.
Asked to create some visuals for Bank of America Merrill Lynch session on the effects of unconscious bias for their executives. On the first draft of the of the script I was asked to use no color and tried to inject the warmer blues from Merill Lynch styleguide on the stats that were in the script. Also tried to inject some personality into a brief that asked for icon based designs, only to find out after a script rewrite that the official Bank of America icons were to be used.

One rewrite later we get shades of blue and an accent red. It also helped that, on my own, I had read Daniel Kahneman's, "Thinking, Fast and Slow," last summer so I was already up to speed on the subject matter. Some creative usage of the provided icons and a voiceover  and done. Nothing super special in the end but the client was happy and the project made it through the levels of checks internally at Bank of America and was completed on time.
I still need to work on creating more seamless transitions between scenes.

Done at Garrbanzo
Client: Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Creative Director: Wes Townsend
Design/Animation: Matthew Rankin
After Effects
Early pitch frames from original script
Initial boards from final script
Final approved boards
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