UNIQLO "Wonderqube"
Garbanzo Grafix is a top motion graphics and post production studio in New York City. Our team of creative professionals deliver the highest quality broadcast graphics and animation. We just completed this :30 for UNIQLO, the Japanese fashion Überbrand. All hands were on deck for this 6 day turnaround. Check it out!
UNIQLO "Wonderqube" (Dentsu America)
UNIQLO, Japan's leading clothing retail chain, recently contracted Dentsu America to launch their national “Wonderqube” campaign. Having seen our graphics for MTV’s “The Seven”, Dentsu America contacted Garbanzo to produce a broadcast worthy :30, but with an accelerated 6-day turnaround.
UNIQLO’s look is minimal, clean, a bit playful, and beautifully Japanese (see
UNIQLO “Grid”). The concept was to give away 100 mystery prizes to winners that entered on the uniqlo.com website.
But their look was entirely 2D; no one had ever seen UNIQLO’s designs in 3D. Garbanzo collaborated closely with Dentsu to realize this vision.
The project had quite a few iterations from stacks of boxes piling themselves on top of one another, to an entire planet of boxes swarming together, rotating, and flipping open. The client and agency decided to take inspiration from
Alamo, also known as “The Astor Place Cube”, located just blocks away near Cooper Union in NYC. With Dentsu’s direction, the Garbanzo team created a large formation of boxes assembling and opening to show the various prizes - all minimally designed, but with a subtle playfulness. Originally commissioned without sound, Garbanzo did sound design for the version here.
“Wes and his team at Garbanzo Grafix rose to the occasion and delivered a flawlessly executed piece on time and on budget,” says Magraux Joffe, Digital Producer with Dentsu America. “Aside from being an expert in his craft, he is personable, reliable, and trustworthy. It was an absolute pleasure to work with his team and I hope
we get a chance to work together again.”

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